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Along with our partners at JG2 COLLECTIVE, we were tasked with providing a high impact, multi-purpose lighting design for the SYFY CHANNEL's exclusive after party at the 2017 SAN DIEGO COMICON in July.

The NEW CHILDREN'S MUSEUM (conveniently located across the street from the Convention Center) was this year's venue.  The three story building with multiple outdoor patios and various built-in exhibits came alive after the show floor closed with hundreds of attendees dressed in their best cosplay outfits, props and special effects makeup.

Each floor of the museum took on a slightly different vibe, both with the design of the decor as well as with the tone of the lighting elements.

The performance stage and dance floor area (shown above) had an EDM quality to it, with over a hundred club style moving lights and simulated lasers overhead, that were programmed and synched to the DJ as well as the live band that played throughout the night and into the wee hours of the morning.

The first floor was transformed into an 80's themed game room where dozens of arcade style video games from the era could be played.


In addition,  there were air hockey, ping pong and Foozball tables, as well as a silk screening station where guests could stop and pickup a free SYFY t-shirt in any number of colors.

Decorated with giant inflatable metallic orbs, the museum space took on a unique quality, as light and color was reflected from every angle on every floor.

As light would shoot past the mirrored objects and out the windows beyond, the bright beams could be seen for blocks around the event which became quite the attention-getter for people passing by.

We used a variety of different types of fixtures to achieve the effects needed to illuminate this year's event space.  The majority of the units were LED, but we also mixed in arc sources to get the more dramatic, intense beams and colors which helped to cut through the atmosphere.

Due to some logistical limitations of the building, one of our biggest challenges was that all of the lighting positions needed to be ground supported - as opposed to utilizing the various rigging points available to us overhead - we had multiple crews in multiple lifts working simultaneously to hang and power the rig, which ultimately made our cable runs a bit tricky to conceal.

The top floor became a VIP area where folks could escape the bustle of the dance floor and take in the sights from the upper balcony area.

The fun house style MAZE ended up being one of our favorite highlights of the event to light...

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