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The 2017 RANGE ROVER VELAR was revealed to its employees and dealers in two cities over the course of four weeks.

Our mission was to provide a design that would help to transform the room from a swank, nightclub feel before the reveal, to an exclusive upscale auto showroom after.

As the house lights faded, and the video segment completed with a flash of white light, the three traveler drapes opened to reveal the new SUVs in various states.

The multi-city tour began in Denver and wrapped up in Washington D.C.

The purpose of the RANGE ROVER event was to not only allow its employees to get their first, exclusive up close look at the new VELAR, but it also served as a training seminar for the sales teams to learn about the selling points of the vehicle and demonstrate how the SUV handled on the road during the Ride and Drive portion of the day.

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