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There are a myriad of CONSOLES & CONTROLLERS on the market today...

The major platforms (HOG/EOS/MA) are running shows all over the planet, and finding a system with features that work for your specific project can be overwhelming at times - but with all of the options available, the one solution I've found that works equally as well - if not better than the 'big boys' - is ONYX!

ONYX is a great option for the FILM & TV world. As a solid, professional, scalable system - when combined with the NETRON line of NETWORKING devices, as well as the on-board DYLOS pixel mapping engine -

ONYX can take control of any size stage or location AND not blow the budget!

Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 11.19.02 AM.png
  • 10x 60 mm motorized playback faders, each with 4x function-assignable buttons, digital backlit labels

  • 12x 45mm Sub Playback Fader with Flash keys

  • 22x Playback Executors

  • 14x customizable multi-function keys

  • Playback Select button

  • 2x Master Go section with Go, Pause, Snap and Release

  • 4x digital rotary encoders with push function and status LED for fixture parameter control

  • 4x screen mounted digital rotary encoders with push

  • 1x digital intensity Encoder with push

  • 3.5" RGB touchscreen for parameter groups, effect parameters, fanning and global timings

  • 1x 60mm Grandmaster with Flash/DBO

  • Blind/HighLight/Last/Next buttons

  • Full numerical keypad and command keys

  • Industrial Trackball


The NX4 is a comprehensive feature packed control surface. With a well-arranged combination of motorized and manual faders as well as an array of playback button the NX4 offers 44 total playbacks in a compact yet extremely powerful package. As a member of the innovative ONYX platform from Obsidian Control Systems the NX4 is feature rich and never restricted in its capabilities. NX4 includes a high-brightness full HD multi-touch screen; 8 assignable parameter encoders; dedicated Intensity encoder; an assistive mini touch-screen; full keypad and command section and a dedicated grand master.

  • Fully featured control surface, portable and lightweight

  • 10 Playbacks, Encoders, Keypad and internal 3.5" touchscreen

  • DMX, Timecode and Midi Connectivity (temporarily unavailable)

  • ONYX Premier 128 Universe License 

  • Plug and Play USB device for any PC with ONYX


From ELATION PROFESSIONAL the Onyx line of

NX CONSOLES are the biggest bang for the buck!

Up to 128 universes of DMX control, this scalable system is perfect for the film and TV industry.  

From a single laptop controller on location, to the most advanced multi-stage network on the lot - ONYX is a great solution for handling every type of rig.

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